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When You Thought You Made A Connection

Why do known networking contacts ghost? I have been networking for a new role and several contacts who I’ve spoken with multiple times and had a seemingly good rapport stopped responding to emails. How often should I follow up?

In answer to this question, the biggest reason your connections may “ghost” is due to how you initially connected with them. You may be missing, what I call, the secret sauce. That is connecting with them on what is the most important thing to them. For instance, when you meet someone, asking great questions is the quickest way to uncover the secrets sauce…what makes them tick. When you discover it, ask for permission to follow up with them. Getting permission up front is a must. In this manner they will take your call, follow up with your request to meet for coffee, etc. I am a believer in making the follow up connection first with a phone call, then email them with informations that is important to them, and referencing that I left a message for them. These days most people don’t answer their phone—it is still worth making the call and only takes a few seconds. I like to connect in person or via zoom rather than try to move the relationship forward over email. I use email only for the exchange of valuable information to them, not my “salesy” stuff and of course, to confirm an appointment. In today’s world we are bombarded by hundreds of emails a day and your message may be getting lost in the minutia. Remember, find the secret sauce, ask for permission to follow up with a request for a coffee/virtual connect and take it from there. This process will make you more memorable and will produce massive results. Get ready!!

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