A totally BLOWN networking opportunity.

A totally BLOWN networking opportunity.

A totally BLOWN networking opportunity. Don’t let this be you…

While attending a recent Rotary meeting I came up with the idea for this weeks BLOG post. Our guest speaker was a writer from a local newspaper who shared with us how she goes about writing articles for the paper as well as a brief history of how and why the newspaper got started. I found her portion of the presentation very interesting. Then she introduced her “salesman” and he began his portion of the presentation and that’s where it all went downhill.

Networking rule No. 1…Know the definition of Networking: The SHARING of information, ideas, and resources.

Networking rule No. 2…Do not “sell” at networking events. (You will notice that “selling” is not in the definition of Networking.

Networking rule No. 3…Do not “sell” from the pulpit.

When you are given the opportunity to stand up in front of a group, it is a networking opportunity, not a selling opportunity. In this case, the presenter was invited to give the presentation, which is the best opportunity in a networking situation; however, he totally BLEW it!! He launched into total rambling sales mode. I looked around the room and could see everyone totally shutting down and not paying attention. He even publicly admitted he didn’t have his presentation prepared and was “winging” it.

Presentation/Networking full No. 4…Don’t wing it…leave that to the birds!!

He could have shared some really useful information and could have positioned himself as a resource to all the business owners/captive audience/target market in the room, but missed the boat.

By spending a few minutes to prepare for the next time you have the opportunity to stand up and speak to or introduce yourself to a group you will appear much more professional than those that just “wing it”.

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