Boosting sales is a top priority for any sales-focused organization, but sometimes the pressure rises to close more deals to boost earnings for the quarter or achieve sales goals. Whatever the reason you need to accelerate sales, there are a variety of tactics you could employ to do so.

Of course, the most effective sales strategies aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Every company is different, as are your sales approaches, products, services, and let’s not forget your customers. Strategies for accelerating sales are often very customized to meet a company’s distinct needs, but it’s helpful to examine what other successful sales organizations have employed to close more deals – whether it’s an urgent need or you’re simply aiming to shorten the sales cycle.

To learn what sales strategies leading sales professionals use when they need to accelerate sales and close deals faster, we asked a panel of top sales pros and business leaders to answer this question:


Beth Bridges is the Vice President of Digital Identity and full-on marketing technology geek At J – I.T. Outsource, a managed I.T. services and digital development firm in California. “The single most effective sales strategy to close deals faster is…” To have a powerful marketing strategy that enhances your reputation, builds trust, and gives value to a prospect before the sales team ever reaches out to them.

“I have a few strategies I use to keep from dragging out the sales process…”

When scheduling the initial appointment I find out how they schedule and hold their appointments, which leads to fewer no-shows and confirms that we will have enough time without distractions to take care of business during our appointment.

In the beginning of each appointment I let my prospect know that if at any time they decide that my product or service is not right for them it is okay to let me know. It saves so much time for the both of us. It also makes them feel at ease during our meeting.

During the actual sales presentation I find out all the reasons they would not be able to buy my product or service to make sure I can help them work through those reasons and/or to make sure that if there is another decision maker that I stop my presentation immediately until I have the decision maker in the room. This step theoretically would take place in the discovery process and not necessarily in the presentation process, but sometimes prospects sneak it in at the end.

I believe the biggest time saver is not to present to non-decision makers!!

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