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EspressoBrain is a collaboration of individuals with a diverse skill set. In 2008 when the economy was literally crashing, teamed up with Mel Kaufmann the author of the Little Miracles to provide direction to individuals, business owners, and sales teams on how to maximize the time they spent “networking”. Bringing the information into the 21st century, EspressoBrain.Com created a BizBits app for IPhone and Android which made it easy to get this valuable information out to their online community; the app itself is a valuable networking tool.

Team EspressoBrain

Gina Estrada

Business Networking Strategist

For the over a decade, Gina Estrada has focused on Business Networking to build a successful
Financial Consulting practice. 

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Curlen Phipps


Curlen is one of the premier web, software and app developers in the Fresno/Clovis Central Valley area. Curlen has won several awards for the software that he has created.

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Damon Thomas


Damon has over twenty years experience in graphic design, branding, messaging and has been designing websites since 2004. Majoring in Business…

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I used Business Networking to create a 6-figure income in my Financial Services practice.  As a known Networking Expert, I

Debra Woog

1. What do you do for a living? I am a Crisis Navigation PartnerTM. My mission is to be the

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We discuss the latest networking tips that will help you maximize the time you spend networking.


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