Formal Networking Event and Your Personal Introduction

Formal Networking Event and Your Personal Introduction

I attended a formal networking group that you have to join at $299 per year. In my opinion this is not a “cheap” networking group. I only say that to drive home the importance of how you introduce yourself when you have the chance in order to take full advantage of your membership. This particular networking group has a protocol on introduction that includes an agenda printed on a branded piece of collateral that is handed to you upon arrival explaining exactly how you are to introduce yourself, your business, and an opportunity to share a sentence or two on how you became a member of the group. The guidelines are specific and foolproof. Well, I guess not foolproof because I believe I was the only one that actually followed the protocol at the last meeting.

I believe there is a mental shutoff that happens when people go on and on about themselves in what is supposed to be a minute introduction. A proper introduction will leave people wanting to ask more questions and actually get to know you.

What’s worse is there was a follow up question that was thrown out to the group. Each member in attendance was supposed to share what should have been “one word” describing their focus of the new year. Again, some chose to be self-promoting and went on and on and on about their business again. I don’t think they ever actually answered the question, which was extremely frustrating and again lead to a “mental” shutoff. By the time we got to the guest speaker, who had a great message I was worn out and actually second-guessing my choice to join the group and pay my membership fee.

It is up to the event organizers to keep people in check…but ultimately if you want to make a good impression spend a little time to prepare your one-minute introduction that will leave the members wanting more. Leave them with a reason to meet you outside the meeting in order to find out more about you.

EspressoBrain Tip: Don’t wing it…leave that to the birds!!

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