Always be READY! The “Accidental” Chance Encounter

While attending a Rotary luncheon with my husband last Friday, I met an older gentleman that told me the story of how he met my husband. Back in the mid 70s he was driving his brand new car down one of the major streets in Fresno. He hadn’t realized there was a blind spot in his new car until he looked in his rear view mirror and noticed he had forced my husband’s car up on the median to avoid a collision. Of course, he turned around and came back to make sure everything was okay, handed my husband a $100 bill and said this should cover any damage that may have been incurred and apologized for the inconvenience.

Of course, my husband, was on top of his game. He found out the gentleman was a successful attorney, asked for the contact information, and turned this unfortunate “accidental” encounter into a client and friend.

The moral of the story, is to be prepared to network even if you just had your life flash before your eyes. Always be READY for that “accidental” chance encounter.

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