A Daily/Weekly Networking Contract with Yourself

How can you make meeting new people and moving them through your prospecting pipeline process fun? As you can’t control exactly how many sales you will make on a daily basis you can control the activities that lead you to making sales. One idea is to establish a daily contract with yourself. The contract might have the following benchmarks:

  1. # of phone calls you will make to current clients (Example 5 per day 5 days a week=25)
  2. # of phone calls you will make to prospects (Example 5 per day 5 days a week=25)
  3. # of networking events you will attend today (3 per week) **note, find out where your “ideal” client goes and go there!
  4. # of strangers or people you don’t know that you will talk to and get contact information and permission to call for some sort of follow up. (5 per day 5 days a week=25)

How could your business change if you applied the Daily/Weekly Contract with Yourself. By the end of the week you would have made 50 calls with the intention to move them to the next step of your profitable relationship, met 25 new people to add to your pipeline with some sort of follow up within 24 hours. Do this every week for a month and you will have made 200 calls, met 100 new people that you followed up within 24 hours. Your numbers may vary depending on how many contacts it takes to make a sale, but this is an example. Even if you only did this 40 weeks per year the numbers are astounding….

–1000 Calls to current clients
–1000 Calls to prospects
–120 Networking Events
–1000 New people to add to your pipeline

As you can’t control how many people will let you give a presentation and/or buy your product or service, you can control how many people you add to your pipeline and process. Even if you only converted 10% of your pipeline outlined here you would have added 100 new customers/clients. How many of you could use 100 new customers/clients in 2016? This isn’t even taking into consideration the business that can be generated by reaching out to your current clients on a consistent basis.

The above could be completed in 3 hours per business day, which if you are working a traditional 8 hours per day, what could you do for the next 5 hours….hold your one-on-ones and sales appointments? Get your social media messages out? Get your admin “stuff” completed? Drop in on an extra networking event? Continue your sales training?

It is helpful if you schedule an appointment in your calendar for each the activities listed above. What will you do by when? Make it a game, make it fun, and reward yourself. My motto is, If it’s not on the calendar it is not going to happen. International Author/Speaker/Sales Trainer Grant Cardone said, “Let the rest do WHATEVER, while you do WHATEVER it takes!”

Cheers to 2016, but don’t forget we still have 20 good business days left in 2015.