Networking in a new city— When do you start?

Networking in a new city—When do you start?

I believe we spend a lot of time getting ready to do some sort of task in life and in our business. We put off doing the actual important work because it is easier to stay in the getting organized or planning stage. I too am guilty. I find at times I know I need to pick up the phone and make my 5 calls for the day, but instead of just picking up the phone and completing the task I start going through my emails, or get my schedule in order for the day, or whatever other distracting things I can do telling myself as soon as I’m finished with this distracting task I will make my calls. Why do we do it? Statistics show that we are making fewer and fewer calls each year. Actually this blog isn’t about call reluctance, but more about waiting to do the important task until everything is “in order” before we begin.

As my husband and I were on a search for a new home in Monterey, California we began NETWORKING. I think most people would wait until they got all settled in their new city or at least secured a place to live, moved in and had their house in order—but not me/us. My philosophy: Why wait?

On one of our home-seeking trips we stayed at the new Marriott in Marina, California. As my husband and I were having breakfast at the hotel I noticed a few ladies dressed in business attire come into the lobby and head to the conference center. I thought to myself, they look like ladies I need to know. I excused myself from the table and be-bopped my way into their meeting room. I introduced myself to them and found out they were setting up for their “team” meeting for their company. I asked which one of them was in charge. Of course it was the woman setting up the computer for the presentation. I briefly introduced myself to her. We hit it off very quickly. As I didn’t want to take up too much of her time, we exchanged business cards and planned to get together for coffee the next time I was in town.

Over the next couple weeks we exchanged texts, become friends on social media and talked on the phone. We decided we would get together for dinner the next time we were in town trip and we invited the husbands. We had a great time. The husbands hit-it-off, which you know is a big deal. As luck would have it her husband is a contractor and will be working on our remodeling project next week. He is also a friend of a client of ours…small world. Since then we have had many opportunities to spend time together.

Last Friday, my husband and I moved into our new home in Monterey. In our first week there we accepted three dinner invitations, one lunch invitation, and I attended a ladies networking event. Of course none of that would have happened if we waited until we were settled there before we began networking. So, when do you begin networking? I am going to go out on a limb here and say RIGHT NOW.

No one cares that I slept on a blow up bed for the week because we will be doing a little remodeling on the house before we officially move in. I don’t think anyone I would like to reach out to cares whether or not I have read all my emails, organized all my desk supplies, have unpacked all my moving boxes, etc. so I’m not going to wait. Actually, I will be back in Monterey next week and have already set up two coffee meetings with ladies I met while networking last week.

Are you putting off Networking or Reaching Out to someone because you feel you are not totally organized or you will get around to it? I will challenge you to just make the call now—It’s never too early.

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