A totally BLOWN networking opportunity.

A totally BLOWN networking opportunity.

A totally BLOWN networking opportunity. Don’t let this be you… While attending a recent Rotary meeting I came up with the idea for this weeks BLOG post. Our guest speaker was a writer from a local newspaper who shared with us how she goes about writing articles for the paper as well as a brief […]

How would you rate your networking efforts? 2? 0? 1? 6?

A 2? 0? 1? 6?…how would you rate your NETWORKING efforts? As we close out the first month of the year, how would you rate your networking efforts? Let’s review your simple successful networking plan: Have you… Identified your ideal client? Prepared a few probing business questions to ask? (Did you practice asking the questions?) […]

5 Tips to Master a Speed Networking Event

The informed networker shows up to events with a plan. Here are five tips that will help you next time you have the opportunity to attend a speed networking event. (If you are a shy networker and Speed Networking is out of your comfort zone, these tips will put you in the drivers seat by […]


Ready…get set…go!! 7 TIPS TO TRACKING YOUR NETWORKING ACTIVITY What gets measured gets improved. –Robin Sharma Grant Cardone and Napoleon Hill motivate us to write down our goals twice daily. Those who only do what they feel like doing, don’t do much. To be successful you must take action even when you don’t feel like […]

Always be READY! The “Accidental” Chance Encounter

While attending a Rotary luncheon with my husband last Friday, I met an older gentleman that told me the story of how he met my husband. Back in the mid 70s he was driving his brand new car down one of the major streets in Fresno. He hadn’t realized there was a blind spot in […]

Business Networking for the Multi-level Marketer

I get asked to speak to many sales teams in the MLM arena on the topic of Business Networking: How to maximize the time and money you spend networking and how to turn those “chance” encounters into profitable relationships. In a couple weeks I will be speaking to a group of energetic MLM’ers who are […]

Want success in your business…emulate the SUCCESSFUL!!

Robert Estrada is my mentor in business. I asked him recently, what is one thing you remember doing when you first started in the business 40 years ago that made you stand out and helped lead you to a quick rise to the top? Here is his response: Back in the day The Equitable gave […]

A Daily/Weekly Networking Contract with Yourself

How can you make meeting new people and moving them through your prospecting pipeline process fun? As you can’t control exactly how many sales you will make on a daily basis you can control the activities that lead you to making sales. One idea is to establish a daily contract with yourself. The contract might […]

Networking in a new city— When do you start?

Networking in a new city—When do you start? I believe we spend a lot of time getting ready to do some sort of task in life and in our business. We put off doing the actual important work because it is easier to stay in the getting organized or planning stage. I too am guilty. […]