Miracle 50 - The Unlimited Potential

There is unlimited potential within your staff. I gave a marketing seminar to a small CPA firm San Diego. They brought in all their staff. This included the secretaries, the receptionists, the administrators, the janitor, and the computer programmer. They invited everone on their payroll. I taught each of the staff the Little Miracles. Then they all were sent to different functions in San Diego. Within a few months the receptionist was bringing in more business than the managing partner. I concluded that you do not have to have an accounting degree, a law degree, or be a graduate of an MBA program to develop new business. With the Little Miracles training, you will brand your community. However, this takes continuaul training, continual practice, and continual monitoring of your entire staff.

Branding is not just for cows

The Little Miracles book by Mel Kaufmann changed my personal and business life. I no longer waste time at networking events. I attend all events with a plan from when I arrive to how I follow up with someone the next day, whether it be a formal event or standing in line at Starbucks. This book is a quick read, but a lifetime of study and application. Gather a few friends around a cup of coffee once a week and study the Little Miracles, and see what happens next...
Gina E.
An easy plan for the time I spend Networking