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EspressoBrain Works


Be among the well prepared and connected

If you or your team spend any time at all attending events, luncheons, organizations, etc. you need the EspressoBrain Works Program.

EspressoBrain Works is a six-week program that is comprehensive, interactive and exciting. It promises to give your the tools necessary to provide you with an endless pipeline of people to call on so you can fill in those white spaces on your calendar. EspressoBrain Works will define your target market, help you discover where to go, what to say, and how to establish that next step in 5-minutes or less; thereby maximizing the time you spend networking.

Be among the well prepared and connected

Price: $179.99

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Revolutionize your Business with EspressoBrain Works

Once and for all define and establish your target market. This term is thrown around in many conversations over and over again; however, 9 times out of 10 when asked who is your target market or ideal client then answer is "everyone". Let's stop the insanity and get the "everyone" answer out of your vocabulary.

Discover where to go, what to say, and establish the next step in less than 5 minutes of meeting someone whether in a formal networking situation or "on the street" thereby maximizing the time you spend networking. Once you get this step mastered, you will have a pipeline of people to call on at any given time.

Maximize the time you spend networking by following your customized networking map. Most individuals and business owners do not have a plan for the time they spend networking. Your time is valuable. You take time away from your business, your family and hobbies to attend events. Let's make sure the time you spend in the networking realm is laser-sharp focused. You will actually begin to have fun by practicing the principals for the EspressoBrain Works program. Before you know it, you will be turning those "chance" meetings into profits!

EspressoBrain Works begins with your questionnaire and includes:
Initial assessment
Personalized Networking Map
Weekly Networking Training (in-person or virtual)
Monthly Networking Map Update (in-person or virtual)
Weekly Accountability (virtual)
Daily Action
Graduation Certificate


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