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Our Mission

So, what is our Mission?

To deliver outstanding educational, interactive and fun programs that are designed to maximize the amount of time your spend business networking and turning those "chance" meetings into profits. We don't just tell you how to do it, we show you step-by-step how to turn those Contacts into Contracts. EspressoBrain helps you become among the well prepared and connected.

So, who are we?

EspressoBrain.com is a collaboration of individuals with a diverse skill set. In 2008 when the economy was literally crashing, Espressobrain.com teamed up with Mel Kaufmann the author of the Little Miracles to provide direction to individuals, business owners, and sales teams on how to maximize the time they spent "networking". Bringing the information into the 21st century, EspressoBrain.Com created a BizBits app for IPhone and Android which made it easy to get this valuable information out to their online community; the app itself is a valuable networking tool.

Team EspressoBrain

Gina Estrada, Business Networking Strategist
Gina Estrada is a mother, a step-mother, a wife, and a grandmother. She is our networking guru. Gina is sharp, experienced and 21st Century focused. She personally built a huge network of individuals and business owners and became a Center of Influence by practicing the principals of the BizBits app. She is currently serving or has served on the Board of Directors for the American Heart Association, the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, the Clovis Chamber of Commerce, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Gina is a sought after speaker in many companies and organizations in the Central Valley on the subject of BUSINESS NETWORKING--How To Turn Those "Chance" Meetings Into PROFITS! In her spare time she loves to golf, read, and travel with her husband. Gina specializes in helping her client's be among the well prepared and connected.

Damon Thomas, Chief Designer
Damon loves to have fun, long walks on the beach, enjoy exciting nights out on the town, traveling, video games and of course robots! Just what you wanted to know about him, right? Ok, ok, here you go. Damon has over twenty years experience in graphic design, branding, messaging and has been designing websites since 2004. Majoring in Business Entreprenureship at The Ohio State University, he brings the perfect skill-set of design and an understanding of its application, as it relates to business branding and messaging.

For ten years Damon has been public speaking, motivational speaking and training teams from companies such as Sprint, Abercrombie & Fitch, FedExOffice and for organizations like The Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce and the Clovis Chamber of Commerce. Damon also handles our public image, messaging and media relations. Attend one of our events or trade shows and more than likely, Damon is going to be live on stage dropping some mobile web and QR Code knowledge.

The entire user experience is designed from the ground up using the years of experince and consumer usability best practices that Damon has. Coming soon to the QikLead platform will be video tutorials that will be produced by Damon, which we consider to be in the family of consumer messaging.

Curlen Phipps, Chief Developer
Curlen is one of the premier web, software and app developers in the Fresno/Clovis Central Valley area. Curlen has won several awards for the software that he has created. He is an entrepreneur at heart and has started several businesses.

Our History

Sept 2015
EspressoBrain offering is expanded by a new program called EspressoBrain Works!

Sept 2015
EspressoBrain offers the entire Little Miracles Book for Free to help networkers maximize their results. on website. Just signup for the newsletter and you'll get the link to a downloadable PDF.

Sept 2015
EspressoBrain launches a Blog to help networkers maximize their results.

Sept 2015
Access each Biz Bit directly from the website. Make sure to share them.

Apr 2012
Launch of our first iPhone App: Biz Bits

Launch of our first Facebook App: Networking Made Easy!EspressoBrain enters EspressoBrain.com into the 59DaysOfCode best website contest.EspressoBrain launches Little Miracles: A Journey to Financial Freedom as an eBook for all Amazon.com Kindle book readers.Launched EspressoBrain WorkPlace.

Created Business Card Manager to help busy networkers stay on top of their contacts.

Launched Espressobrain.com to market and sell online information products and services.