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EspressoBrain Works


Be among the well prepared and connected

If you or your team spend any time at all attending events, luncheons, organizations, etc. you need the EspressoBrain Works Program.

EspressoBrain Works is a three-month program that is comprehensive, interactive and exciting. It promises to give your the tools necessary to provide you with an endless pipeline of people to call on so you can fill in those white spaces on your calendar. EspressoBrain Works will define your target market, help you discover where to go, what to say, and how to establish that next step in 5-minutes or less; thereby maximizing the time you spend networking.

Be among the well prepared and connected

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Are you over-networked and underpaid?

Nov 9, 2015 Back to Blogs


Is it possible to over-network? I believe it is. If you are finding yourself running from luncheon to luncheon, event to event, without seeing real results, it is highly possible that you suffer from being over-networked. The fourth quarter of the year is the perfect time to take a step back and examine where, when and how you have been spending your valuable networking time over the past year. Of all the time spent at events, organizational meetings, and luncheons, etc. where did you derive the highest amount of return on your valuable time?

There are some luncheons I enjoy attending where I don't necessarily derive many sales and referrals from the group; however, I usually find value in the over-all relationships and information shared during the luncheon. I talk with numerous business owners and find they tend to lean towards these types of meetings because it is comfortable and easy. I believe one can allow time to attend this type of group on a regular basis if there are plenty of new prospects in your pipeline. If the pipeline isn't full and flowing, I suggest finding better use of your time.

Picking and choosing the best place to network is an art unto itself. The first assignment I give my networking clients is to identify their "Ideal" client and go where they go. If you haven't taken the time to figure out who your "Ideal" client is, cancel all your networking events immediately until you have done so.

Business Planning Tip: Identify your "Ideal" client, establish your income goal, and create a solid networking plan so you can maximize the time you spend networking and quickly turn those "chance" encounters into profitable relationships.

Here are some questions to ponder while working on your 2016 Business Plan.
Who is your "Ideal Client?
How much is your time worth?
Do you want comfort or cash?

Networking is the SHARING of information, ideas and resources, so please SHARE this with another you feel could benefit from this timely information. Happy Networking!!


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