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1. Be Early (Be early, stay late)

2. Pick People (Pick your people, pick your destiny)

3. How do you pick and choose? (Priceless picture, worthless frame)

4. Time-Wasters (Squander time, squander money)

5. Lost Loot (Lost Loot is Lost Luxury)

6. The Resourceful Registrar (A registrar rings your register)

7. Greet the Executive Director (Go from Oblivious to Obvious)

8. Influence the Influential (Become indispensable)

9. The Learned Lecturer (Intimidation needs permission)

10. Powerful Professionals (Powerful Professionals Produce)

11. Tardy Tales (Develop Conscious Competence)

12. Low Priority (Eliminate tardy from your tales)

13. Classic Clumps (Clumps are circles of fear)

14. What is Networking? (A shared idea is worth millions!)

15. Networking and Selling Don’t Mix (Networking makes selling obsolete)

16. Stop Networking (Stop gathering deals, gather Links)

17. The Compliment of Cash (Cash in on a compliment)

18. The Questions of Yesterday (Stop living in yesterday)

19. Conversation Control (Ask, don’t tell)

20. Know Who is Coming to Dinner (When hunting ducks, go to a pond)

21. Prepare a Game Plan (The future belongs to the prepared)

22. Research Your Audience (Custer did not research his audience)

23. The Ripple Response (The Ripple Response is Relentless)

24. The Calendar of Cash (Use the Calendar for Cash)

25. Who Will Attend? (Why wait for Karma?)

26. Know Who to Know (Today determines your tomorrow)

27. Research (Every audience is predictable)

28. Tithe to Your Links (Your tithing dice are always loaded)

29. Information is Power (“Money is information in action”)

30. Information is Not Power (Ignorance is resistance to learning)

31. Beyond Applied (Information has consequences)

32. The Financial Iceberg (Your future is beneath the obvious)

33. Never Sit by an Associate (Eliminate your Poverty Parables)

34. The Baggage of Yesterday (Yesterday ended last night)

35. Don’t Ignore That Stranger (Ignore no more forever)

36. Sit Between Two Strangers (Little Miracles will amaze you)

37. Meet Both Strangers (Eliminate Stranger Danger)

38. Stranger to Stranger (Do unto others has legs)

39. Winning on Empty (An empty chair is full of dreams)

40. Sit by Design (Seat control is money control)

41. Never Sit at an Empty Table (Have more Money Moments)

42. Attend One Event a Week (Fear nothing, understand everything)

43. The Sixty-Second Intro (Plan more stranger moments)

44. The Letterman Lunch (Light another’s candle)

45. Beyond Your Profession (Follow the money, not the crowd)

46. The Careful Organization (Have more planned happenings)

47. The Careful Event (Use the chamber for commerce)

48. Choose One Committee (Choose a committee for cash)

49. The Careful Committee (When you serve, you are served)

50. The Unlimited Potential (Branding is not just for cows)

51. Organizations are Different (Sew a community quilt)

52. The Puppy Prescription (This prescription has unlimited refills)

53. The Entire Organization (Everybody is somebody’s something)

54. It’s Who Listens (An audience is predictable)

55. Shyness No More (The high cost of low esteem)

56. Greet Strangers as Friends (God within, you’re not without)

57. Assuming is a Process (Only assume a 2% mortgage)

58. Giving Creates a Void (Create more voids in your life)

59. Love Your Links (Include love in your job description)

60. Be a Dream-Maker (Be a dream-maker, not a dream-taker)

61. The Duke of Ellington (Becoming a legend is a choice)

62. Selective Giving (Giving unites)

63. Communication is a Choice (Communication is not chance)

64. Prepare for Events (Preparation Precedes Prosperity)

65. The Clusters (Prosperity is a process)

66. The Bridge (The bridge connects strangers)

67. Four and No More (Prosperity is a process)

68. Link Question One (Stop taking the vow of poverty)

69. Link Question Two (Condense time, expand money)

70. Link Question Three (Stop being a Prisoner of Poverty)

71. Link Question Four (Condense time, expand money)

72. Conversation Conclusion One (Receiving is the fruit of a seed)

73. Conversation Conclusion Two (A conclusion can be a beginning)

74. Second-Tier Questions (Begging is for paupers)

75. Avoidance Questions (Purify the process)

76. Meetings to Money (You learn what you teach)

77. Strictly Social (Success is intentional)

78. Everyone is a Peer (You choose, ego or economics)

79. The Five-Minute Waltz (Follow the music when you waltz)

80. Financial Fraud (If time be money, conserve it)

81. Your Alimentary Canal (Fear is a habit)

82. Bonanza or Bust? (You don’t waste time, you lose it)

83. Your Financial Cup (A full cup receiveth nothing)

84. A Room Full of Whos? (Food for a day or feast for a life)

85. Defer Your Rapport (Rapport begins at lunch)

86. The Link Legend (Becoming a legend is a process)

87. The Watering Hole (Quench your financial thirst)

88. Begin Each Appointment with a Gift (Receiving is the offspring of giving)

89. Marketing Time vs. Client Time (The solution is in the problem)

90. Outlaw the Walkman (You choose, God or garbage?)

91. Spring Training (Second nature is discipline)

92. The Rhino Response (Stop living in a zoo)

93. Talk to Anyone (Stop treating everyone as a felon)

94. The Restroom Affair (Comfort stations are profit stations)

95. Your Million-Dollar Rolodex (Spin your Rolodex for revenue)

96. The Miracle Mile (Your second mile has no Sig-Alerts)

97. The Backup Process (Have a backup for your backup)

98. Unbearable Mediocrity (Mediocre people worry me)

99. Sever the Umbilical Cord (Cut the Cord of Conformity)

100. God has No Grandchildren (God never changes the locks)

101. A SIX-PAK (Make others first a habit)

102. My Mother (Design your destiny)

103. The Chicken or The Egg? (I began to farm the city)

104. Kevin Johnson (Why be a party pauper?)

105. Give to Gather (What isn’t given is lost forever)

106. A Packed Elevator (Another day shall dawn)

107. Awe and Wonder (My gratitude runneth over)

108. The Hello Walk (Add Hello to your future)

109. Stand Alone (Alone and lonely are not synonymous)

110. The Kingdom of a Kid (Stop ignoring your inner kid)

111. The Unaware Client (Think needs, not wants)

112. A Connector (You are an uninvited winner)

113. Discover your Genius–Part 1 ()

114. Discover your Genius–Part 2 (Don’t deprive others of your genius.)

115. A Command Performance (A performance worthy of Broadway)

116. Your Thermometer (Elevate esteem and elevate worth)

117. The Age Gap (Lost opportunities never return)

118. Above and Beyond–Part 1 ()

119. Above and Beyond–Part 2 ()

120. Above and Beyond–Part 3 (By Dr. Tom Stanley)

121. Be a Movie Mogul (A screen hides no blemishes)

122. A Conversation (Make more friends)

123. Be a Community Encyclopedia (No information left behind )

124. The Numbers Game (More is better)

125. Financial Freedom (You can be free!)

126. A Seven-Day Mental Diet (How about a lifetime mental diet?)

127. An Exit Strategy (How much are you willing to lose?)

128. I2 (Instant information is incalculable)

129. Think Link (Let success breed success)

130. An American Tragedy (Terminate a tragedy)

131. Adjust or Perish (Dinosaurs didn’t adjust their swing)

132. Ignoring Ike (Don’t be an ignoring indigent)

133. The Scale (The trilogy of giving)

134. Six Points of Marketing (Six steps to success)

135. Get to the Point (No MBA degree required)

136. Weekly Attendance (Success is a conscious happening)

137. A Monitoring System (A monitoring system is designed)

138. The $3,000 Event (Electronics not included)

139. Information Management (IM) (Managed information is bankable)

140. The Jack Hammer (Only an empty vessel can be filled )

141. Link Before the Need (Success is a twenty-year plan )

142. The Prosperity Walk (Networking has no boundaries )

143. Spaces of Opportunity (An empty chair fills your till)

144. The Fold (Habits bind you to your past )

145. Be at the Controls (Be in control of your ledger )

146. Natural is Irrelevant (Have a Lau in your life )

147. Choosing Concerns (Audiences have personalities )

148. Practice and Practice Again (Hone to own )

149. Down Time (Down time is dumb time )

150. The Ultimate Awareness (The unaware frustrate me )

151. Other People’s Experiences (OPE) (Stop reinventing something round)

152. Toxic Relationships (Terminate the toxic)

153. The Link Side Effects (No side effects with these effects)

154. Relationships are Fragile (All relationships are terminal)

155. Cliff Neff Again (Doing for others leaves tracks)

156. Don’t Look for Dollars (Dollars are financial blindness)

157. Hasty Promises (Every choice has a effect)

158. Why Sit by an Associate? (Excuses are for failures)

159. The Coke Guy (Link a coke!)

160. Talk to Strangers (Eliminate stranger danger)

161. Musical Chairs–Part 1 ()

162. Musical Chairs–Part 2 (Musical chairs is a happy game)

163. The Call of the Links (Leaders call, followers text)

164. A Better Way (A better way is better)

165. A Road Less Traveled (What is your new flop?)

166. Avoid the Time-Takers (Be a defensive networker)

167. Excellence (Practice excellence)

168. The Alaskan Rain Forest (Intertwined PAKs are invincible )

169. Baggage–Part 1 ()

170. Baggage–Part 2 (Baggage is for the Sky Cap)

171. Be a Reporter (Be information2 )

172. A Shriveled Zone–Part 1 ()

173. A Shriveled Zone–Part 2 (Shrivel no zone)

174. Listen to the End (Shyness is taught)

175. Tutoring (My daughter is my mentor )

176. Two Cups (Which cup is yours?)

177. The Universe is Agreeable (Perpetual profits is a residue )

178. A An Eye for an Eye (Leave everyone with eyes and teeth )

179. Anticipate–Part 1 ()

180. Anticipate–Part 2 (Let no need go unfilled )

181. Who Are We? (Do we cuddle or crucify? )

182. The Disappearing Act (Meeting strangers is a process )

183. Your Hang Time (Tomorrow is rapport time )

184. Gossip (Look for others doing good )

185. The Irrelevant (Links are not for sale )

186. Yesterday’s Thinking (Yesterday ended last night )

187. The Sixty-Second Scenario (A sixty-second intro )

188. Bashing (Bash no more forever! )

189. Patience (Your shortfall is your downfall )

190. Be Great (It’s time to bloom )

191. Compliments (The sun never rises on yesterday )

192. Choose or Lose (Don’t bait the wrong pond )

193. Circulate to Percolate (You have to move to improve )

194. Comment on a Comment (Develop a commenting plan )

195. Defense (Will we ever learn? )

196. Defensive Comments (Acquire a positive offense )

197. Judge Not (With a big ego, buy a small purse )

198. Love Your Enemies–Part 1 ()

199. Love Your Enemies–Part 2 (Everybody is a neighbor )

200. Forgiveness (Forgive those who trespass )

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