When does rapport begin in the networking process?

I used Business Networking to create a 6-figure income in my Financial Services practice. As a known Networking Expert, I get many questions on the subject. Here is my solution to a question I received recently. CHALLENGE: Why do known networking contacts “ghost?” I have been networking for a new role and several contacts who […]

When You Thought You Made A Connection

Why do known networking contacts ghost? I have been networking for a new role and several contacts who I’ve spoken with multiple times and had a seemingly good rapport stopped responding to emails. How often should I follow up? In answer to this question, the biggest reason your connections may “ghost” is due to how […]

Maximize the Time You Spend Networking: When should you show up to a Networking Event?

A goal without a plan is just a wish.  –Antoine de Saint-Exupery BNI Membership Appreciation Luncheon Business Networking International is a “Referral/Lead Organization” that was established in 1985 by Ivan Misner. The organization has 7500 local chapters across the United States. The focus of each chapter is to allow only one person in a particular […]

Formal Networking Event and Your Personal Introduction

Formal Networking Event and Your Personal Introduction I attended a formal networking group that you have to join at $299 per year. In my opinion this is not a “cheap” networking group. I only say that to drive home the importance of how you introduce yourself when you have the chance in order to take […]

Business Networking and the Morning Routine for the Successful Entrepreneur

If one would like to establish a winning morning routine they need to set the intention the night before. There have been many books written on the morning routines of the super famous and successful business tycoons. I have been practicing the same morning routine since July 1, 2015 and it has served me well. […]

First Appointment with a Prospect

I believe the first meeting is the most important. It sets the stage for the entire sales process. Here are a few of the most important points I believe need to be covered and agreed upon before moving on: When scheduling the first appointment, I ask if there is anything that would prevent the meeting […]


I THOUGHT YOU MIGHT LIKE TO SEE A REVIEW OF OUR CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE ARTICLE. ENJOY!! Boosting sales is a top priority for any sales-focused organization, but sometimes the pressure rises to close more deals to boost earnings for the quarter or achieve sales goals. Whatever the reason you need to accelerate sales, there are […]

One Chance to Make a GOOD First Impression

One Chance to make a GOOD First Impression: Three simple tips for lining up a guest speaker for your group or organization. I recently painfully sat through a luncheon where the guest speaker lost the audience from the onset. I felt bad for the guest speaker because it wasn’t necessarily all his fault. If the […]

A totally BLOWN networking opportunity.

A totally BLOWN networking opportunity.

A totally BLOWN networking opportunity. Don’t let this be you… While attending a recent Rotary meeting I came up with the idea for this weeks BLOG post. Our guest speaker was a writer from a local newspaper who shared with us how she goes about writing articles for the paper as well as a brief […]

How would you rate your networking efforts? 2? 0? 1? 6?

A 2? 0? 1? 6?…how would you rate your NETWORKING efforts? As we close out the first month of the year, how would you rate your networking efforts? Let’s review your simple successful networking plan: Have you… Identified your ideal client? Prepared a few probing business questions to ask? (Did you practice asking the questions?) […]