Is there a difference between a Business Networking Event or a “Social” Event?

I recently had a conversation with a business women who is struggling with the issue of establishing a home-based business while raising her children and the need to be seen as a business woman in her community. When I asked her specifically about the events she attended on a regular basis she shared one is a weekly women’s business networking event and the other is a monthly dinner for a Christian group, but the dinner is not a networking event it is more of a social type event.

I gasped and thought to myself, there is no such thing as a “Strictly Social” event. Remember, networking is the sharing of information, ideas, and resources. At an event whether it is an established networking event or a “social” event, what do you talk about, if not the sharing of information, ideas, and resources? Instead of talking about the weather, the best parking spot, or how good the shrimp tastes, why not share something of value with another. When you have a plan and a process for the time you spend attending events whether deemed business or social you will instantly be recognized as a business person who appears to be on top of their “game”. Most people have not given any thought to the process of attending events.

Success is intentional. Transform your idle “social” chatter and chance encounters into multiple business opportunities by sharing information, ideas, and resources wherever you go.

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