Chance Encounters of the Networking Kind

In today’s fast-paced and electronic world that has most of our attention and “eyes down” staring at small screens it is important that once in a while we lift our “eyes up” otherwise we may miss an opportunity for that “chance” meeting that just might be exactly the person and/or opportunity we were looking for, which just might be the case that could make or break our business.

My husband, mentor, and business partner has been a Financial Advisor for 40 years. He knows a thing or two about Business Networking. Bob shared a great “eyes up” and “chance” meeting story with me so I’m sharing it with you. Enjoy.

Bob’s Story: Back in 1976 I worked in downtown Fresno. One morning as I was driving my 1962 Porsche Twin Grill Roadster to the office I noticed a gentleman with a 1959 Porsche Convertible D flagging me down on the side of the road. Of course, I pulled over and we proceeded to talk about cars for 15 minutes.

In the course of our conversation, we exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet for lunch to talk more about life and Porsches. He was a new physician in town, married with a couple of kids and had not started doing any financial planning.

Within a matter of a few months he became a client. He is now retired with a nice income due to creating a solid financial plan back in 1976.

That “chance” meeting lead to a lifelong friendship as well as referrals to other doctors in the area.

How often do you find yourself passing up those “chance” encounters because you are side-tracked due to rushing around and/or “eyes down”?

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